The British Canadian Newspaper

Canada's ONLY National Newspaper for the British Community

About Us. . .

The British Canadian Newspaper is a division of Meade Marketing Services Ltd., based in Mississauga, Ontario. We've been publishing the newspaper now for nearly 10 years. We also publish Totally British Magazine, which is 3 years old. We are big supporters of the British community in Canada, and we use our publications to help develop a sense of community.

The group is owned by Paul and Michelle Meade, who have a lifetime of experience in the media, having both worked in radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Paul has worked for the BBC and Meridian TV in the UK, as well as being CEO of TV 12, a local TV station in England. He's also worked as a reporter for KEPR in Washington, and KUTV in Utah, USA. He has also been a News Editor at radio stations in the USA and UK.

Michelle has worked for several media outlets as a journalist and producer, including KSL Radio in Utah, USA, and for TV 12 in the UK, and has taught Media Studies and Graphic Design at college level in the UK, and is currently also teaching Media Studies at BYU Idaho, USA.